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[QUOTE=Bakezz;25642441]Hi I just stumbled across this thread.

This is probably a bit off topic, but I am wondering why this couldn't be used to measure the ESR of a capacitor? I thought the 'constant current' method was one way of performing the measurement along with the high frequency AC voltage method used in LCR meters.

Actually I am looking to build my own meter to measure the internal gate resistance of a MOSFET or IGBT while it is operating in an inverter (so I assume the gate-source is a capacitor and measure the ESR inside 1 switching period), preferably to a resolution better than miliohms and repeatable. I know I wont be able to use this but it still interests me - I am not that familiar with these measurements.[/QUOTE.


Sorry the answer is no.

The unit cannot measure capacitor ESR.
It is specifically designed to measure the source resistance of a battery or cell where there is a source voltage in series.

Conversely a capacitor ESR meter cannot measure a lipo.

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