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Originally Posted by Zeroaltitude
On the Comet, 23 and 17 seconds may seem a bit short, but I have a feeling that shell be a handfull under power which will make it seem a LOT longer than that, and the glide back to earth will be far longer for sure. I also have a feeling that much longer burntime would propel her out of your sight, so its probably a good thing!

Myself I have an unbuilt FF Hawker Hunter (forgot what manufacturer) that is meant for these rockets. Ive been contemplating blowing it up to a larger scale and make a nice R/C Jet (pusher prop) out of it. That will have to wait some time even to JOIN the build queue though!

Anders O
Exactly my thinking, Anders...if the Komet flies, and is reasonably controllable under power or glide, it'll be completely successful as far as I'm concerned. As Einstein is reported to have said jokingly about relativity, there's a big difference between talking to a pretty girl for a minute versus the same minute sitting on a hot stove!

Is that the Aerographics Hunter? I thought that one was a 2 foot span kit designed for the K&P ducted fan...? Or am I confusing it with something else?

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