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Glenn, at 26" wingspan, I dont think Id bother with separate servos for the ailerons. A thin "snake" from the mid lower wing to the lower ailerons, and then connections to the upper ought to be enough. If the power of a single servo to operate all four ailerons was a concern I think Id rather use a single slightly larger (more powerful) servo than two smaller ones in the wingpanel, but thats just me. The Jungmeister seems like a very interesting project, I hope youll find the time for it "soon"!

I can promise that WHEN the Swordfish is finished, there will be pictures of it. "All" that remains to be done is setting the incidence, making the braces according to that, installing the electrics and covering and painting. I could probably have her finished within a week (Im "between jobs" but have some other obligations), but as I said, there are a few other projects to do before the stringbag.

On the Comet, 23 and 17 seconds may seem a bit short, but I have a feeling that shell be a handfull under power which will make it seem a LOT longer than that, and the glide back to earth will be far longer for sure. I also have a feeling that much longer burntime would propel her out of your sight, so its probably a good thing!

I converted a "Cikada" A1 class freeflight glider to R/C some months ago (came in lighter with R/C than what the rules stipulate for FF!) and used a GWS 5A (?) ESC with the leads for the motor cut off to be able to use 2s Lipo to power the equipment (suggested here on the E-Zone). Light, cheap and works very well.

I am aware of the Bell X-1, a buddy has this model converted to R/C, used as a glider piggybacked to altitude by a slimer. Hes been talking about rockets, but not yet taken the step AFAIK.
Myself I have an unbuilt FF Hawker Hunter (forgot what manufacturer) that is meant for these rockets. Ive been contemplating blowing it up to a larger scale and make a nice R/C Jet (pusher prop) out of it. That will have to wait some time even to JOIN the build queue though!

Anders O
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