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I hear you Glenn, was just teasing you a little regarding the Jungmesiter!

A parkflyer Jungmeister for Speed 300 or brushless would be very cool indeed. This micro-stuff is great, but it has its limitations. I doubt I will ever have more than two microplanes in my fleet, because even though the CAN fly outdoors they require very calm weather so they are better suited to indoor flight. And getting time in a gym is pretty hard here, so any more than one night a week is unrealistic. That´s just not enough to justify the cost of many more microplanes, so most of my planes will still be Speed 300 size or slightly larger.

The ever present problem of the build-queue, I´ve got one too. I´ve got the Aviatik plans you helped me with scheduled for this winter. Before that I "must" finish my Molt Models Hellcat, because I and a buddy bought one each to fly formation, and his is ready to cover. We´re building CDR motors for the Hellcats too, but that shouldn´t take too long. I set up the buildingboard for the Hellcat today, hopefully I´ll start construction tomorrow. I also want to finish my Aerographics Fairey Swordfish FF to R/C conversion before I start on the Aviatik. Then there´s the MJD Models SAAB Safir that has been ready to cover for almost two years that is starting to look inviting again. I also have a scale 3m glider (fibreglass) to build, but I don´t expect to start on that until spring, since outdoorseason is coming to an end at an alarming speed!

The Comet will be interesting to read about, I´m really looking forward to that. What runtime can one expect from these rocketmotors?

Anders O
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