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Jason: I feel thoroughly chastised (although I did say it was my opinion)! Actually, all I complained about was the gearing. I believe it makes it unnessarily difficult to upgrade.

You misunderstood my statement about the charger. I said you need more than an 8 cell charger for more than an 8 cell pak.

In my above diatribe, the 35 tooth pinion mentioned should have been 25, which should give you almost an extra minute of duration. I apologize for the error.

Actually, I CAN use my Astro 112D 8 cell charger to charge my 16 cell paks! All it takes is a extra Dean's Ultra connector. With it I can use (for the stock motor) and charge the pak as parallel 8 cell paks. If I later want to use it as a 16 cell series pak all I need is a shorting plug.

I guess I'm just a congenital cheapskate. I hate to throw away the stock motor without at least using one set of brushes. And I hate the idea of not being able to reuse battery paks.
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