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Re: WHAT? Happened in ?

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> M78Ultra wrote:
> > I would like to see the footage (video confirmation) of the Rail if
> > you have it in some form for computer viewing.
> >

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> Yes, I would like to see this too. What kind of surface are you running on?
> Prepped? Parking lot? flat out top end run or scale track? I have seen
> cars with much more serious hardware than this only turn 70-87 mph in the
> scale quarter mile (132').
> S

Well i run on a school parking lot that has been freshly
repaved(smooth real smooth)I also use spray on adhesive(by 3m)for
awesome traction.What i actually do is one great big oval and really
punch it into the apex of the 3rd turn. This is where my speedtrap is
setup. I have not marked off a scale 1/4 yet. To be honest i dont know
if it would do good considering the tall gear ratio.It is geared
really for top end speed.If you read the webpage about my dragster it
explains my gearing choice.

I do beleive the fact that porting a TRX.15 drastically increases its
capabilities.(for porting
goto) beleive me i
went through many TRX.15 blocks There are so many so cheap to buy.But
instead of using the dremmel tool i used a small drill press and a
milling vice.

Once again to see the story on my drasters gearing click directly on
the draster in the big rc photo on my webpage. Below is the link.