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Hello Hank

Im sorry to hear that you are not getting along with your heli.

As for design, I think the engineers at JR designed the Voyager around 7-8 cell. Remember, the Voyager is heavy so it is to your advantabe to use 8 cell instead of 10 to keep the weight down. This would also explain the 2 stage gear reduction; they want you to use hotter motors that require less cells.

Just wondering, why are you using AA cells? The reason I ask is I have heard that these cells have a higher internal resistance than
that sub c cells.

How long did you plan on your Voyager flying? I only expect 8 mins max(in the wind) from my Eco 8, but I am rnning at a really high head speed(1600+ rpm).

"Many are using the Hacker B40-8L with 10 cells and a 15-17 tooth pinion. This combo would be much more effecient with a pinion of 35 teeth!"

Well, if you go to 16 cells(in series?) you will need a motor with a low Kv because the rpms increase for every volt you add.

Well, Ill let LRVCFlyer take care of the rest of this, he is the Voyager guru

I am not a Voyager owner, but I have friend home that are hard to impress and he flew a Voyager and liked it. Im not sure of the the set up though.

I take it you have flown you Voyager, what type of flying do you do(crusing, mild acro, hot acro)?

Have you tried 8 cell CP 2400 packs? I think they are your best bet.

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