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I think it comes down to doing some research before you buy. I never intended to use the stock motor or 7 cells when I bought the Voyager.

A double reduction gear seems to work fine. It may not be the best, but the EP and the Century helis use it OK. Sure it has more loss, but is more compact.

ALL of the top line chargers use 12v DC input. I would rather be able to charge 30 cells at the field, than just 7-8 at home.

I have done loops and lots of FFF with the 8L and 10 cells. Has lots of power and decent duration.
In fact my best flight was 9 minutes with 8 nimh cells.

How do you figure a 35t pinion into the mix?

Car battery packs are 6 cells, somethimes 7, which will fly the stock V. Just not very well.

I don't really understand where you are coming from? All the matters have been adressed here and on other BB for some time.

Am I missing something or do you have a problem with it you can't work out?

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