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If you are thinking of getting a VoyagerE, read this:

In my opinion, the drive system is the most poorly designed of all the common electric helis. The two stage gear system has an effective number of teeth of 350. This and limit on the number of cells which can be in the battery paks, precludes using any common motor, brushed or brushless, at its optimal operating rpm because of the limited number of large size (greater than 20 teeth) pinions available.

Many are using the Hacker B40-8L with 10 cells and a 15-17 tooth pinion. This combo would be much more effecient with a pinion of 35 teeth! However, you could get the same power at much lower current if you could boost the cell count to 16. At 10 cells of sub C's the pak is already 8.5" long. And it's 4 inches between the battery mounts! If you use the 4/5 sub C's (CP1700), you could get up to 12 cells in the same length. Neither of these gets the voltage high enough for efficient motor use when using a reasonable pinion (20 teeth or less). The other option is to use AA cells. A pak of 16 of these is 8" long and they are available up to 1800 mah (NiMH). 16 cells would allow flight times approaching that of the ECO 8.

The other problem is pak charging. If you go to a pak of more than 8 cells, you will need a large pak charger and it will be DC powered so you will have to charge with the car or get a separate battery or a AC/DC power supply. If you have these then there will be no problem. If you don't, plan on spending upwards of $110 or so if you can scrounge a battery.

If I had known these facts before I bought my Voyager, I would have opted for the Logo 10 which doesn't pretend to run on car battery paks!
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