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Originally Posted by Bravia3D View Post
Alright, so as I mentioned before my biggest fear with the Zenmuse is crashing ruining the Zenmuse and the GoPro. Then I'd be out almost $1,000!! That would just really make me upset if it was to happen. I am sure it would make many of you upset also.
I am so picky I don't even want small scratches on mine or my GoPro lens.

So, I think I have solved the problem

This is made out of 100% real leather and uses a small polarizer filter I cut which can be removed easily and attaches with velcro. The main cover weighs 15.5g and with the polarizer lens cover it weighs 23.5g all total 0.05 pounds. It covers the front and back also. You don't need to use the GoPro holder attachment as this will hold the cam on without it.

I haven't had time to fly and test it yet, but tried it a bit in my house and seems to work. I'll fly tomorrow morning and put it through some test and see how it performs.
That looks awesome but let me share some valuable information about stepper motors!

I have been working with this type of motor since its introduction into the Automotive industry. They are brushless motors widely known as stepper motors. I still repair them today for our Dashes we service and program the ECU's that control them.

The are very light duty by design but extremely accurate. They have a much higher coil count then the stepper motors used to control all of our gauges today on late model cars and trucks. When you see a gauge sweep on boot-up that is a stepper motor driven needle and that needle weighs nothing.

This is why it is critical that the camera always be installed in the Gimbal and NOTHING and I mean NOTHING be attached to or added to the assembly as it arrives.

Here's a quick and simple explanation on how stepper motors work.

As you will read and see in the link provided, coils are energized to move the armature. This will continue to occur until the location is achieved. If the motor is not allowed to move, those coils can quickly overheat and eventually fail. If anything is added that makes the motors or driver transistors work harder then designed they will overheat and fail.

This is the nature of the stepper motor and controller. It has nothing to do with the manufacturer so treat these little gems with respect. I am sure we will soon see additional warnings from DJI soon so they are not flooded with damaged units.
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