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Originally Posted by Jumanoc View Post
I want to share thist post commented by a ZenMuse H3-D2 owner in another forum. You can find it useful or just discard it as your own consideration:

"Sadly joining the club of dead gimbal owners. Luckily I took a shot of the gimbal when it started "sreaming". ....I recorded the video for my dealer, who said, hissing is normal. Well, looks like hissing/humming is the pre-stage to death. I reconnected the power a few times the next day and with my last attempt, I had a little cloud of smoke coming from the blackbox directly situated on the gimbal.
DJI has contacted my reseller and my reseller has contacted me. Looks like DJI knows about the problem and it might come from 3.14, which introduced a hz-count drop-down. It might be that the gimbals are driven with the wrong hz-count and this drives them too hot and burns them out. I have been offered an RMA and need to send the gimbal for repair/exchange to DJI. Sounds like a rather long process, argh!"

I wonder if he powered up the gimbal without the GoPro mounted.
That will overheat it.

There should be a warning sticker warning customers to not power the gimbal up without the camera installed.
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