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Originally Posted by hidaven View Post
Talked to Atlanta Hobby today and he suggested that I don't upgrade to 3.14 until a update is made. Im assuming that means to stay at 3.12? Also, Im reading that the prop nuts can loosen. Are you all loctiting or using nylon lock nuts?
Good advice for now on v3.14.
I've not updated anything.
I'd stay away from loctite unless you are careful not to get any on the plastic prop.
Loctite degrades plastic over a period of time...
Some pilots feel the need to use the nyloc nuts.
If you use non-DJI props, you have to be able to grasp the motor bell well to tighten the nut...
FWIW, I've been flying several DJI airframes for a few years now with various props.
I've never used loctite or the nyloc nuts, and I've never had a prop loosen.
You're no newbie, so I won't give you a lecture on how tight a prop nut should be torqued.
What you do on the other props you fly with will work fine on the DJI stuff...
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