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Originally Posted by cubbins View Post
EDIT: hmm, I checked it again and now it is turning off I guess it is battery related. But I'm wondering why it happened so fast after only 15 min of recording this time where other times I could go for a full 40 min or so until the battery died.
A lipo battery will develop deposits on it's internal plates as it ages. This adds resistance to the current and cause the voltage to drop under load. When the voltage to the camera drops below 3.6V the camera will stop recording. When near death, the deposits can even bridge between plates causing an internal short and the battery will not even hold a charge for very long.
And why it would turn off but keep letting me record again for hte same 15-20 sec so many times..if it could do that then why wouldn't it record longer the first time!...The lipo cell voltage will rise after any discharge. In the above scenario, it can go back above the 3.6 cutoff threshold and start powering the camera again when it is turn back on, but then cuts off again as soon as the voltage under load decreases again. The cell can still have a lot of charge capacity left... it just can't deliver the current the camera demands while keeping the voltage high enough, so it just goes through a short recording cycle every time it's turned on until the change is depleted to the point where it will no long turn on at all.
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