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Kenneth D. Schillinger
Kenneth D. Schillinger
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Re: First nitro plane; Cub or Telemaster?

I also plan to build a Telmaster Senior electric.
I am curious as to what you used for power.
I have several 8 cell rc2400 ni cad packs and would like to come up with a
setup that would let me use these packs (even if I have to make some 2 or 4
cell supplemental packs to add to the 8's. this would give me 16 or 20 cell
any input appreciated.
TIA Ken.

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"wrenwright" <> wrote in message
> I believe they do still sell the 40 kit. I'm getting ready to build a
> 6' Telemaster from foam. I've built an 8' Sr. this way and a 4' as
> well. All of these are powered with electric motors.
> About the only suggestion that I would have to make the Telemasters a
> better flying plane would be to increase the size of the rudder by
> about 50%. Also, adding a slight about of washout usually helps too.
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