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Re: Sagitta XC -- Worth building for general thermal soaring?


I have the short kit from DC. I am about 85% done with the wings.
I stopped building on it a while back to complete my Bubble Dancer.
I have not started on the fuse or tail. I am told that there is a
fiberglass fuse available that is longer/better/lighter than doing
the plan's wood fuse.

It has been a pretty cool build, so I say go for it! Be ready to
purchase a lot of wood. :-)


--- In, "Scott and Jennifer Martin"
<martindg@g...> wrote:
> All:
> Stan Meyers' recent post about his (rather lovely) Grand Esprit

> me thinking about building a large glider for general thermal

> I've been interested in the Sagitta XC since I first saw one

hanging in
> Hobby Town in Spanaway, Wash., in the late 1980s (I think it was
> Spanaway; might have been in Tacoma). I noticed DC Hobby sells the
> Sagitta XC short kit, and I wondered if it's worth building. If I

> one, would a regular bungee launcher be adequate - albeit a heavy-

> one - or would I need to invest in a winch?
> Thanks for your thoughts :-)
> Scott Martin
> Chandler, Ariz.

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