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Re: WHAT? Happened in ?

I would like to see the footage (video confirmation) of the Rail if you have
it in some form for computer viewing.

"The_Atomic_punk" <> wrote in message m...
> What the hell? Just a few years back there was dozens of posts daily!
> With the advent of many new vehicles on the market one would assume
> that this newsgroup would thrive? Are newsgroups dead? Are the message
> boards killing the usenet? The area i live in now,no ISP's offer any
> nntp newsgroup support.
> Wow! anyone know the hot dicussion groups on RC theses days? Let me
> and this once was newsgroup in on it!
> OH! and here is a plug on my page!
> It has my own personal favorite R/C vehicles on it(In the the big R/C
> pic just click on the vehicle you want to see pics and read about it
> and see more pics)Hell maybe you will learn something. Check out the
> rail i beleive it to be the fastest R/C in the northwest. My personal
> best speed was 114 mph yes 114 mph(i have video confirmation and am
> currently in correspondence with Guiness about the feat) read the
> story and how i acheived and record my speeds (To see dragster page
> just click my rail in the big R/C photo)
> there is also my email and other personal interests.(have fun!)
> So come on group! Lets ROCK this group!
> ATOM(the superhero)