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WHAT? Happened in ?

What the hell? Just a few years back there was dozens of posts daily!
With the advent of many new vehicles on the market one would assume
that this newsgroup would thrive? Are newsgroups dead? Are the message
boards killing the usenet? The area i live in now,no ISP's offer any
nntp newsgroup support.
Wow! anyone know the hot dicussion groups on RC theses days? Let me
and this once was newsgroup in on it!

OH! and here is a plug on my page!

It has my own personal favorite R/C vehicles on it(In the the big R/C
pic just click on the vehicle you want to see pics and read about it
and see more pics)Hell maybe you will learn something. Check out the
rail i beleive it to be the fastest R/C in the northwest. My personal
best speed was 114 mph yes 114 mph(i have video confirmation and am
currently in correspondence with Guiness about the feat) read the
story and how i acheived and record my speeds (To see dragster page
just click my rail in the big R/C photo)

there is also my email and other personal interests.(have fun!)

So come on group! Lets ROCK this group!

ATOM(the superhero)