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Originally Posted by airmob View Post
Does turning on WDR improve the sky? Therau2000's video of better coloured sky was using WDR:
Not during my testing. What does matter a lot is the direction the camera is pointing and whether the sky is clear and bright with no clouds or partly cloudy. With a clear blue sky, it will always look the darkest and most saturate when point 180 deg. away from the sun, and less so as you pan towards the sun, with the least sky color saturation when pointing at or near the sun.

WDR, based on my understanding, extends the extremes of the CMOS sensitivity by increasing the gain, which adds an increment of video noise at the same time. I don't know if the WDR only kicks in at the low light end of the range or not. In my brighter outdoor tests I could not see any difference, nor in my indoor tests, but then that's not something I tested very strenuously with so much other stuff having higher priority. maybe someone will show some clips showing a difference. I don't really use the camera for indoor video much, so it's not a high priority for me, but an outdoor scene around dawn and dusk where a bright sky can dominate the exposure leaving the ground scenes under exposed would be where a WDR difference would be welcome. I have not even gotten any AV with mine yet.
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