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What kind of base would a "real helmet mount" have. It would need to adapt to many different curved surfaces. maybe one will be offered later, but I think I could certainly adapt the flat adhesive plate mount to any helmet I have with a little ingenuity (and maybe a few small bolts)
A GOOD helmet mount helps a lot with vibration. I know I can make one - already did for a flashlight with industrial velcro straps and zip ties, but I wanted to see what kind of helmet mounters would be offer.
You can't do a business without extra accessories, even so with a so called "Action Camera" - people want to mount it in very different surfaces, out of the box and don't mess around with velcro straps and/or zip ties. I'm going to make one myself, but if I see a good cheap one, I'll buy it. The same for the handlebars if I need too.

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Vimeo allows just one 1080p video (500 mb limit, I think) per week to be uploaded in their basic (free) hosting service. Any uploads after the first during the same week will be encoded in 720p mode. It renews every sat at midnight.

But more importantly, your sample is .MP4, not .MOV and it has obviously been edited and re-encoded before you uploaded to Vimeo. I D/L your original upload and found the data rate is only about 2500 kbps! An un-edited native video in 1080p Standard quality mode it should have about 15000 kbps data rate, 6 times greater than your edited version! I thought your lens might be out of focus, but hard to tell with such low data rate. Your scenery is GORGEOUS, but the video doesn't do it justice.
Was going to post the same thing. Download the original too and noticed the very low bitrate...
Any reason why you need to re-encode it?
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