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George Voss
George Voss
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RE: Sagitta XC -- Worth building for general thermal soaring?

A winch will give the highest launch since you can set the line to a longer
length than a hi-start. However, you should be able to launch the Sagitta
with a heavy duty hi-start without any trouble. Personally, I recommend the
winch because if you start flying in contests, that's typically what they
use as the launch method.

For general fun-flying, the Sagitta ACT would make a great plane. gv

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Stan Meyers' recent post about his (rather lovely) Grand Esprit started me
thinking about building a large glider for general thermal flying. I've
been interested in the Sagitta XC since I first saw one hanging in Hobby
Town in Spanaway, Wash., in the late 1980s (I think it was Spanaway; might
have been in Tacoma). I noticed DC Hobby sells the Sagitta XC short kit,
and I wondered if it's worth building. If I had one, would a regular bungee
launcher be adequate - albeit a heavy-duty one - or would I need to invest
in a winch?

Thanks for your thoughts :-)

Scott Martin
Chandler, Ariz.