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I had my own lipo near disaster today. After maidening a new plane last night, I left eveything in my wife's car overnight (ambient temp was cool). This morning I moved it all over to my car intending to fly. As I placed a TP 2100 3S on my front seat, I smelled a slight odour and felt the battery to be warm. I immedielty pulled it out the car and placed it on the ground. It was now fiery hot and smoking - which it did for about 10 minutes. It puffed out completely but I never saw actual flames.

This battery has not crashed, and only used once before. It was about half charged at the time. All I did was move it to the other car. This demonstrates to me the fragility of these lipo's. I could have lost my car.

Are TP's more prone? Or is it just that they are more popular? WHat can you do to prevent this? How do you dispose of the battery once it is puffed, as surely it is still capable of combusting?

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