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Originally Posted by Isoprop View Post
Speaking for the #11, I don't think it would work if you use the special cable. The special cable relies on the battery protection IC, so most likely you would blow something if you use the cable. I would think the #16 is much safer, and as far the #3's are concerned, well, it's been ages since I played with them!

Sorry, I'm too scared to try this out.

Remember the protection IC also protects the battery from undercharging, so if you let the battery die I'm not sure what would happen. Most likely not much immediately.

To be on the safe side, I would never connect USB power and always charge the batteries with your dedicated charger. Of course you would lose the date and time if you do it this way.

You most likely expected a more precise answer. Sorry, I can't give you one.

Wouldn't it be easier to buy a few spare batteries and have the peace of mind that everything will work correctly?
Some pages ago a smart guy hacked is #11, removed the LiPo, use a 5v step up + 1 diode (5v-0.7diode = 4.3v ... just fine) ... and this was for power the #11 without battery and reuse the 1S LiPo from his quad ... the result was outstanding.

He did not report to have burn his #11 , but he did show us some nice videos ... anyhow ... it is something that I would suggest to do only for skilled guys.

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