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Originally Posted by Fugitive_Bill View Post
Is it possible to run a #3, #11 or #16 without the PCB that has the charging monitor chips (that is normally mounted between the battery and the main board, IF I pay attention to charging times?

I have 2x#11's, 2x#16's and 2x#3 but somehow ages ago I lost the PCB from one the #11 when changing batteries, I can only think I got distracted and it went missing.

EG: Maybe if I only let it charge for 45mins via USB
Or use a REAL LIPO charger set to 1S and 1C at 100mA.

The batteries used in these cameras have a dedicated lipo charging IC ON the main circuit board, or at least the #16 cameras do (I forget if the #3 had one). That should normally safely charge the single lipo cell without any added protection. But I think you are referring to the small circuit board soldered to the battery tabs, which protects the battery from not only low and high voltage, but also excessive charge/discharge rates. All the camera batteries had that protection. About the only way for one of these to come off and get lost is to un-wrap the tape on the battery end with wires and cut or unsoldered that small circuit board from the cell. Any way, if you have a cell without that extra circuit board and also have one of these cells that is dead, you can unsolder the circuit board from that one and solder it to the good cell that has none. Just be careful to get the wire polarity the same when you solder it on.

You can also charge the cell with a dedicated external lipo charger as you stated, but that's basically what the charging IC on the main camera circuit board of the #16 already does.
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