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Turnigy Trust 45A speed controller generates an audible switching subharmonic, and a great deal of radio noise if the receiver is placed within 30mm of the battery wires. Due to the relative lack of real estate inside the J-Power/ Skyangel/ BlitzRCWorks 50mm F-16, the power wires run in the immediate proximity of the Neutron 6 receiver. Each time the motor initialization beeps sounded, the servos would twitch. I have never never had that happen on any plane before, but the Neutron 6 is somewhat known for less than perfect noise rejection. To help correct the issue, I wrapped the receiver in tape and then two layers of aluminum foil. I would also recommend wrapping the power wires in plastic cling film and two or three layers of aluminum foil as well, ensuring it cannot introduce a short circuit. At a later date I will add two ferrite chokes and possibly wrap these wires as well. The problem is solved for up close testing but a range past 120 ft with the antenna up has proved the problem is still severe.

I removed the electronics and motor form the airframe and left the servos plugged in, interference gone. I placed the electronics back in, servo ticking and inconsistent motor rpm returned. I straightened the wires and moved the receiver into the battery compartment and this stopped the ticking or twitching servos by in another range test, the motor rpm became uneven the farther distance I separated the Tx and Rx. It seems to be a combination problem where the Neutron 6 can block most noise, but it becomes overwhelmed with the servo leads running along side ESC and receiver nect to the battery wires. I will check if FrSky's 2.4GHz module can be connected to the Hitec Optic 6, and if so, I will buy FrSky full range micro receiver.

This Dr Mad Thrust fan is rather unbalanced and I did my best to balance it until my dynamic balancer stand arrives. The stock 10 blade 50mm fan with its own 3300kv inrunner pulls 27A on 4S, and an equivalent for 3S is 4400kv. The motor I'm using is Turnigy's 4800kv 2815, and on 40% storage charged Rhino 1250mAh 30C 3S pack the motor pulls a bit more than 33 Amps. This pack is for a slowflyer, not this plane. The static current draw is on target with my projections and the linear throttle vs linear RPM increase indicates this motor is not being overworked. Great
I tested the motor with the fresh fully charged Nano-Tech 1300mAh 45-90C pack and the rpm was much higher and thrust was far greater. The meter shows 42 Amps.

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