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The Mobius ActionCam Support Thread (Posts #1-#8 mandatory reading!)

Thread Usage Protocol

This thread is part of a radio controlled model web site in a Forum dedicated to Aerial Video. As such, the content of this thread is intended to focus on the topic of the Mobius ActionCam and it's operation and capabilities for aerial video purposes.

That said, the Mobius is unique in it's small size, weight, capabilities, and price point, making it ideal for many other uses to capture action video. Therefore many persons interested in the Mobius for purposes other than aerial video are directed here for camera support by various vendors, and you are welcome here for the purpose of helping you with the camera's operation.

Issues with adapting the camera for other uses should be discussed in more appropriate forums, e.g.:
ALL users of this thread are requested (and expected) to adhere to the following posting protocol:
  • Posts must stay on topic and not divert the discussion to other uses for the Mobius or to other cameras. Problems with external devices that cannot use the camera's webcam output (e.g. Android devices) or video out signals (e.g. FPV goggles or other composite video display devices) are also considered off topic. If the camera cannot do anything differently with these outputs, there is no solution available from the camera hardware or software.
  • Video links posted here should relate to the RC aerial video topic area. Examples of off topic videos are:
    • Car driving recorder videos
    • Biking videos
    • Video of RC cars and boats
    • Routine ground scene videos to show off your new camera (I know you're excited, but...)

      Exceptions: Any video that shows a specific problem with the camera's operation or a solution for those problems are desired and will help others regardless of how they might use their Mobius.
  • Suggestions for camera feature improvements should be well thought out as having broad appeal, and realistic within the bounds of this camera's uniqueness for size, weight, and price point. Most of these will be firmware related, not physical redesign. The camera developer monitors this thread and has implemented many features from user input. But lets stay realisitic. Complaint posts about the Mobius not being able to meet your every need or do what much more expensive cameras can do are not wanted here.
  • Finally, this thread is a "self-help" thread! The four posts following this one contain much information that can answer many user questions. I try to keep these four posts updated with current information, firmware updates, and useful utility links that everyone can make use of. It is my intent and expectation that thread posters will "do their homework" and access these four posts before posting new questions. If you still have questions, the advanced thread search function should be used to help find posts that relate to your issue. This will not only help keep the thread from becoming bloated with redundant questions that have been asked and answered many times, it will also keep the thread leaner and more interesting to the target audience.
If this is your first time reading this thread, please read the next four posts now to familiarize yourself with this thread's structure and resources.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation!
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