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Hi plasticbaldy,

I'll start with your 2nd question: You *can* do as you propose. There's no requirement that you leave the programmer in there. However, it is designed to be a permanent installation. ER9X firmware is in constant development and there are regular updates. More importantly, one of the major features of this setup is that you can change settings and configure models on your pc using EEPE and then flash them over to your tx (similarly, you can back up the models from your tx to your pc). For these two reasons, you may find that you need the programmer very regularly. Some people literally use the programmer dozens of times in a given day... so its probably not a matter of using it once and never needing it again (although that is certainly possible if you don't care about future upgrades and are OK doing all your settings using the very tedious radio controls and menus). Having to swap the programmer in and out of your radios is not only a chore... but you WILL strip out the case screw plastic eventually. So my recommendation is to get a programmer for each radio, and its not just because I want to sell you two kits I can also point you to our upgraded screw kit which at least solves the stripped plastic issue.

Now back to your first question of "what's next". Reading. Lots of reading. The best place to start is the wiki:

- Steven (SmartieParts guy)
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