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Originally Posted by toshik1 View Post
How would I recharge it from the 3S LiPo battery to the mini USB socket? The internal battery is around 4.1 Volts.
Just connect to one/two cells on the balanced socket? The manual says about "battery charging managing IC".
Do I need to put the current limiting resistor of just go direct?

A very low cost and easy solution for me was this:
MINI USB socket charging:
1.tear apart a 5v usb car charger

2.the spring is +("c" type ring is -) and there you will connect your source, solder the plug of your coise properly.
USB has 4 pins, outer pins are your output. Solder properly the plug of your choise.
In my testing it worked either with 2cell or 3 cell lipo, both gave me 5.18v.
Be careful for positive-negative as it will damage your camera, also check voltage because below some point, about 4.70v, camera shuts off and if it is over 5.20v it might damage it.

I use one with my 5.8ghz tx and one as a portable usb charging station.
With 5.18v usb output I used the camera in continuous, 20min parts, recording for over 6 hours with 3cell 2200mah lipo as source and everything worked fine. Not once, but many times outdoors. Temperature was about 15 Celsius.

more photos:
Here is the portable USB charging station

Here is FPV use, I have two extra parallel leads to power transmitter and OSD through LiPo's charging plug.


Tom Frank and Isoprop my best regards!!!
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