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Originally Posted by rcguy01

We are in the same boat.

Many times, I tried to jump the bandwagon, means
getting the Lipos. Then I read these kinds of thread
and changed my mind, went back to Nimh. Hey,
the new generation of nimh provides excellent
performance, of course for a short time.
I ask myself what do I want and I
self-answer "I want to have fun, not fear."
So, there goes the lipo. I guess, I will never
get into Lipo unless the Lipo plague reduced
greatly. Folks, good luck with your Lipo investment.
Sorry, but there is no "plague", only user error. It's not the batteries fault that a user does not follow directions. If there was a case where a battery "self-destructed" I can assure you that we would have heard about it. It simply doesn't happen. There is not one single incident documented that was not result of user error or negligence. They are just like guns. A gun doesn't just decide it's going to go off all by itself, it takes somebody pulling the trigger to make that happen. Li-Po's are exactly the same in that respect...they are as safe as anything until a negligent user goes and causes them to go off. The only reason to fear Li-po's would be if you were planning on not following directions, or just plain paranoia. In either of those two cases, it's better to stick with obsolete technology.
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