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Originally Posted by VBSuperMaxx
I should clarify , my friend whose house was damaged , and had 2 years experience with complacent. He never had any problems, not one. Except the big one.

He got complacent, lazy, careless. period. He admits it.

I've asked him over and over "didn't you see the start screen? Was it normal? " He just said it all looked fine...unitl 45 minutes later.

Fortunatly this is a rare occurence. I for one, learned from it, and will continue to use Lipo's , albeit with quite a bit more respect.

Thankyou for letting us know about that VB. It takes a real man to admit that he was wrong. It also helps others to not the same mistakes. If it wasn't for the quality of people in this hobby, it would not be what it is today. People are honest, and they are giving and helpful so that all can learn. Even when we tend to stray off and get aggravated sometimes, I think it's really because people mean well and want to help. This is a definite lesson for those that may be thinking of dropping their guard. You cannot make mistakes with these. You have to be very methodical, and check and recheck everything...every time. You cannot ever go without checking the charger when charging one of these. They MUST be supervised...especially during the critical 'ramp up' phase, and the 'charge termination' phase. At NO point during the charge cycle can these batteries be left unattended. Your freind could have very easily died for making such a grave mistake.

Folks, for those of you who read this and are new...

WE ARE NOT KIDDING when we preach this stuff. These things are not a game. They are serious batteries for serious power and they demand respect at all times! Treat them with respect and you will get 'respect' back from them. Get complacent and they'll burn you and your wallet. These people have had the ourage to report these things so that others will understand that directions and warnings MUST be followed to the letter. In fact, you *should* have them memorized. If you do not have them memorized, do not use them until you do. The reason all of us are so serious about this is because we do not want any more incidents. These things are for fun, and they make electric flying even more fun, but like anything else, there are risks, and it's our responsibility to make sure we manage that risk so that we do not get hurt or endanger anyone else.

I love my Li-Po's and wouldn't run anything else on my electrics, and I understand what they are capable of should I not follow directions. I have those warnings and directions memorized...and I follow them. That is why I will never have to witness one of these horror stories first hand. I can say without a doubt that you won't see my name ever being associated with one of these incidents. It's my goal to make sure of that every single time i mess with them. When I am not using them, they stay in the ammo can where they belong. If you are new and wondering "Do I really have to do that?" the answer is yes, or don't even purchase them.
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