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I know. I am just throwing the gauntlet to JMP and Coural. They have made a lot of impossible products, they do a teriffic job for us. When I say easy I mean thats on my wishlist.
You can add that to the gyro based on a magnetic field sensor ( 2 cm away from the motor )
And a 3 phase motor thats lighter than a lightened 4mm Diedel ..
Whoops, now you know my secret agenda
But back on track, If you know the maximum RPM the motor can handle and the spool up time then 1 pic a 3 fets will be enough but the code will have to change with different props ... . Basically the 3 phase drive for the micro lights will have to be written for each configuration and as such will be of value only to people that can play and program PICs. Which realy means that most of us will have to stick to brushed motors which are also lighter and cheaper. But I can dream
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