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Originally Posted by WalkOver View Post
You just have to read the first page and look at the ATMEGA8 picture.
Your will see that the programming pins are :

MISO : 16
MOSI : 15
SCK : 17
RESET : 29
GND : 3,5,21
VCC : 4,6

Then, you can solder your USBasp directly on these pin or by the programming pad if you are able to determine their assignment.

To determine your FET pins assignment, use a multimeter or an ohmmeter and look into all the include files to see if it correspond to the red brick 30A or an other. If I doesn't, your can use your own assignment as Simonk said in his description.

thanks for your reply but please understand i have no clue about any of this stuff.its completely new to me so i am struggling to understand what it is i should be doing in relation to your reply.
what i could really use is a piccy of my esc with the pads marked accordingly so that i can then match them to the pins of my usbasp,wire them up and flash it. i dont have a multimeter or otherwise to check anything. i hoped,as in the 1st post of this thread that there would be a visual representation of the pads on my esc so i could just copy it and then wire them to my asp device.

things are never that simple though!
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