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Originally Posted by Dick West View Post
I am interested in building a Fly Guy...
This would be my first venture into RC aircraft.
Very short simple 3-word answer DON'T DO IT!!!!!!! DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK 4 words.

I don't mean to -discourage- you, but to *STOP* you. You *CAN'T* fly this thing. What you read here are written by folks with 5/10/40 years experience both building and flying. There are a -hundred- different hings you can do wrong that will make it 1) very likely incapable of -anyone- flying it and/or 2) absolutely definitely incapable of you flying it.

You need a trainer-trainer. And I don't mean a 'T-##' style military aircraft. Those are not trainers either in the sense that they are not the -first- plane the pilot flies.

Get an Apprentice. Find and INSTRUCTOR so you will crash-rebuild-crash-rebuild it only about 3 times before you become 'capable' rather than a dozen rounds of crash-rebuild.

Next, get a T-28. That's a good -second- trainer, not first.

Again I don't meant to discourage you. While you're learning the 'true trainers' you can gather the parts and build the FlyGuy. Along the way, while doing crash-rebuilds on the trainers, you find out about a few dozen things you did -wrong- on the FlyGuy, and change them.

However you still *CANNOT* maiden the FlyGuy.

Have your INSTRUCTOR review and maiden it. Or if you are beyond the instructor stage you *still* need to ask another expert to guru class pilot to maiden it. First he will find the dozen things you need to do to make it 'potentially flyable.' Then he will *trim* it in flight. He will advise you on the characteristics that make it 'different' from your trainers. (Every design is anywhere from mildly to drastically-spectacularly different.) Then and -only- then can you fly it.

I'm not even sure it'd make a reasonable 3rd plane. Only your mentor/instructor/advisor can gauge your skills vs the FlyGuy's 'skill requirements' as to whether it's possible.

I'm *NOT* trying to discourage you from flying. I'm trying to advise you on the *best* way to *learn*.

BTW bigger is always better/easier. I have seen a ton of people learn very quickly on Apprentice. It's a pussycat but with aerobatic potential. Especially for a newbie larger FlyGuy will definitely be easier than smaller.
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