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Originally Posted by VBSuperMaxx
A friend had a LiPo Kokam 1500 3s1p charging on his Triton , on his living room table.

He went to sleep in a bedroom down the hall.

Smoke detector alerted him to his house on fire 45 minutes later. Not a total loss, but the front half of the house was badly damaged.

He figures he may have inadvertantly rotated the dial on the triton while pushing down to start the charge cycle.

He has 2 years experience with these batteries and one mistake almost cost him everything.

I charge mine in a Pyrex dish with 3/4 sand on bottom , and plastic bag with sand on top..about 1 1/2 inches thick. Supposedly this is supposed to be the safe way. I don't want to find out. I read somewhere that there is video of this method and a deliberatly overcharged Lipo letting go....maybe on Heli hobby , I can't remember.

WOW....glad no one was hurt. I have a pack that is acting up, and I am going to box it up and trash it in the fire pit outside. No chances.

FIre shooting up from under water is bad mojo.

This guy had 2 years experience with Li-Po's and didn't check the charger to see that it was at the proper rate, and voltage setting? Didn't supervise the ramp up? Didn't heed the warnings about not charging or storing batteries around flammables? Didn't contain them? Didn't supervise them? Then on top of that went to sleep?!? That's not a mistake, that's just a setup for a disaster! Going to sleep with them charging in your house is attempted suicide! I don't think your friend had any experience at all even if he had been using them 2 years. I hate to hear that his house was damaged, but it wasn't because of a mistake, it was because he didn't heed the warnings.
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