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We'll see.

After reading several reviews of the this airplane, I decided to part with the required green stuff, and bring it home to live with me. I figured that if I kept the AFS turned down to less than 30%, I could make the mistakes a new pilot (ME!) would make without my instructor having a heart attack, if I just released the controls.

However, I've read several disparaging comments in this forum that told me I over spent by over $100, and that I would have done better with a Combo package from one of the leading on-line distributors. That may be, and we'll find out when I get the airplane in the air.

Getting the airplane in the air *is* going to be difficult, however. It seems that in all the reviews that I read, no one seemed to have the slightest issue gettin the airplane together, but as a complete newbie to this, I couldn't get it. It appears that the manufacturing of the wing sections that I have is flawed. The wing sections are off center one to another by between 1 and 1.5mm, without the center wing spar, and with the 'spar' connected, I'm about 2mm off from getting it into the right place. After a call to Hobbico tech support, I was informed that I needed to remove the center spar and servo, and then ship the wings to their repair/replacement facility in Illinois. Needless to say, for an 'Almost-Ready-To-Fly, the first flight will probably be on a FedEx airplane! At least I'll have a substantial amount of time to spend with the simulator.

I was also rather disappointed in the fit and finish of the airplane, as far as the coating was concerned. There was a substantial amount of bubbles on the wings and on the fuselage. I guess this airplane was made on a Friday evening right before a three day holiday or vacation!

Still, it's the flying that counts, so after the wings come back, and I get it to the field (barring no other unforseen circumstances) I'll see if it's worth all the praise. For right now, I think it may not be, but I may change my mind.

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