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The blade numbers go up to 11
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Where do you guys draw the line on "vendors commenting on each other's product"? I sell kits, yet I'm not allowed to comment on anything made by someone else. I take that to mean that I can no longer post info saying which motor or cells to use with one of my kits, as that is commenting on another vendor's product. Why am I considered a vendor when I only sell a handful of kits per year? What defines a vendor? Is it someone who has ever sold something they produced for R/C use? I'd say that gobbles up about half of the members. I really think you should have a good think about this one, as it's gonna be hard to enforce every vendor commentinag about anything made by someone else. The posts I made in the original thread were valid points made from years of cell testing experience. I have no allegance to any lipo supplier, unlike all the "chearleaders" who rant as if their lives depended on people using their favourite cells. I tell things like they are, I don't hold back from an argument(find me an Aussie who does!) and I don't let personal preferences dictate the information that I spread. I probably know more about lipo cells than most of the vendors (how many of them have designed and prototyped their own cells? How many of them repost the cell manufacturer's, or worse, a customer's test info in the abscence of their own test data?), yet I can't share the information with people to help them make educated decisions before they part with their money. If I develop and market a new fan unit, I'll be unable to post test results, as I would be using a motor and cells from another vendor. When I launch a new kit I'll be unable to say which motor and cell combination will work, as that will be commenting on another vendor's product. Strange way to encourage vendors to sponsor the forum, guys. Control is an essential thing in a private forum, but overcontrol is going to make the member wonder about what's real and what's censored to death.

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