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Censorship Is What Should Be 'Moderated'!

When you start getting into 'legaleze", instead of common sense, what ends up happening is what is called censorship. No matter how diplomatic one wants to make it sound, when you dictate what somebody is supposed to think or say, that is censorship.

This usually comes from people who forget that this country has what is called freedom of's in that thing called the...uhhhhh...the uhhh...OH YEAH! The Constitution! Gosh darnit that thing just seems to keep getting in the way don't it? Sometimes they are not even from this country at all, so they don't even know what that means.

Fortunately, I've only seen this a couple times on here. This board is pretty good about that. I left another board where there were mass deletions going on basically because it wasn't 'good buisness'. That does not go on here, but I really hope I don't see this censorship stuff going on anymore, because I really like this board. It has great info, but if censorship takes over that info won't mean a thing, because it won't be might as well come out the 'censors' mouth, and that's only one viewpoint. One view out of 50,000 users. Not a pretty picture is it?

If one is gonna start up censorship why not just delete every post on the entire message board? Somewhere, there is somebody who could put a 'spin' on every post and find a reason to delete it. They may even find a reason to delete this post, who knows, but if that happens that will make a definite statement won't it?

I wouldn't worry too much about it. It's mind over cases like this they don't mind, and we don't matter.
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