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The blade numbers go up to 11
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Dave, that's exactly what I would have though, however I was told by the powers that be that as a "vendor" I cannot pass comment on another vendor's product, any product. I'd like to know if that means the only vendor who can comment about Sanyo cells is Sanyo themselves. If not, then if I started selling all brands of lipos then by the rules I could comment in any thread containing the ones I sell. Where does the line get drawn? I certainly don't trash products unless their vendor has done something unjust towards me and is unwilling to put it right. I will, however go out of my way to stop vendors telling "untruths" about their products in order to make people think they are better than the next. I do have a lot of useful experience with cell testing that can confirm/dispell some of the marketing hype that gets thrown around and does a good job of confusing consumers. I think it's a bit sad that someone who sells a few kits to fund his hobby is silenced like this. I hope they notice I've changed my avatar and comment to comply with the rules, as I'm not a sponsor I can't have my Stumax logo, or company name shown (no complaints, that's fair enough, I guess the rule changed after I set up my preferences). This silencing makes me wonder if I would ever want to be a sponsor should my business turn into something worth paying to advertise.

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