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EvvGC 3/2axis Brushless Gimbal Controller (Open Source)

Hello All!
I started experimenting with brushless motors for gimbals few month ago, before that I was testing steppers and dc motors(you can find some videos in my YouTube channel), and now would like to share my experience by making open source controller.

EvvGC is simple 3/2axis, open source brushless gimbal controller based on STM32 and MPU6050. All components are widely available on eBay, Farnell and other stores. STM32F103RC was chosen because it is cheap, has enough processing power even for complex algorithms, and enough timers and other peripheral for 3axis control. Controller uses mosfets instead of L6234. This allows to use small, light weight mosfets(sot23, sot363) for gopro controllers, and bigger mosfets(so8, D2PAK) for DSLR's, RED's and other big cameras. Source code is written with KEIL, which has demo version with 32kB of code limitation. Now ~20kB is used, so there is some space left for improvements. ST's Standard peripheral drivers uses most of the space, therefore low level coding for i2c, timers, uart should reduce code size if needed. Other software could be used, but KEIL is simple to use, and I would like to keep this project as simple as possible. I am not software developer, so code is quite ugly, it is more like draft for further development, also STM32 is quite new for me, but code works and performs quite well
My goal is to create simple, but flexible, high performance 2/3axis gimbal controller for cameras from gopro to dslr and bigger.
Here is some test videos of 2 and 3 axis stabilization:
STM32 Based 2 axis Brushless Gopro Gimbal (0 min 19 sec)

evvgc AutoPan test (1 min 18 sec)

Update Apr 28, 2013
Added 3axis altium files. (EvvGC ) FREE Altium Designer Viewer

Update Apr 29, 2013
Added 3axis altium files. (EvvGC )
AUX1 port is connected to PC3 and PC12 (it makes AUX1 port more flexible)
AUX2 port is connected to PC2 and PD2 (it makes AUX2 port more flexible)

Update May 03, 2013
Added EvvGC v1.2 Gerber files for iteadstudio

Update May 06, 2013
Added GUI v0.1 and FW_0.2

Update June 21, 2013
Added GUI v0.3B


Currently, AirBot and J&K Group is the only manufacture and store that carries authorized EvvGC controller.

EvvGC software and schematic is free to use, but developing requires many hours of work. So if you like this project, don't be shy to support further development
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