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When my Phantomm went flying away it was because I did not fully understand how the return to home works. I was pulling back on the right stick with home lock on and the Phantom was flying exactly away from my position. It was too far away to see the orientation. I was in a very large dirt field and the Phantom was still within the field. Before it went any further, I turned off the transmitter thinking that if it did not return to home at least it might still land in the field. When I turned off the transmitter it came back and landed within a few feet of the take off position.

After that I spent more time learning about how the home and course lock controls work. What I found is that if you fly over your take off position with the home or course lock on and fly out, the home lock/course lock is still on the original vector it choose when it first left the 20m circle around the take off location.

Course lock and home lock should be off until needed for flying in a particular location or course. If you have been flying around with it on and you realize that you want it to come home, click the switch to the off position, then back down to home lock. The Naza will now compare it's location with the take off location and plot a course back to you. Pull the right stick back and it will come strait home every time. The naza never gets lost as long as it had good gps signal at takeoff and throughout the flight.
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