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Originally Posted by boomerace
That distance can be anywhere from 4" to 7-1/2" so not important.
The distance between the wing and the tail feathers can have as dramatic an effect on a plane's flight envelope as the CG. Typically, moving the wing closer to the tail will increase elevator response and tighten the turn and loop radius. A plane rigged like this is often referred to as "close-coupled."

Combined with a tail-biased CG, close-coupling can make a plane extremely pitch-sensitive which, in the right hands, can be a desirable attribute. I flew my symmetric Stick that way for quite a while but recently moved the wing forward again when I started playing with elevator-flaperon mixing.

My personal recommendation for a newcomer to RC flight would be to keep the wing as far forward as possible and still be able to set the CG. I'd also recommend a slightly nose-biased CG (4-1/4 inches or so) for the first few flights. Rigged like this, a SS will be more forgiving of the natural tendency a newcomer has to over-correct and it also helps negate the tendency for the plane to loft under high throttle settings.

That's the magic of a SS: It's so adjustable! I have several more advanced planes to fly but I still have the most fun with my Stick.

It's the perfect "what if" plane.

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