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Mine arrived today. Thanks for the head's up, bykrdan!

Nicely finished little bird. Here are some of the weights--

Total weight of all components (minus charger)-- 68 g
Airframe (with dd motor, landing gear, but without
batteries, battery holder/switch pod, charge jack)--51 g

Airframe without L. Gear--44g

So the battery, switch harness, charging jack pod weighs about 17 gm.

Landing gear about 7 g.

Motor and wires/plug w/supplied prop weigh about 12 g.

Unscientific experiment puts the thrust from the motor and supplied prop (4" diameter, not sure about pitch) at about 26 or 27 g (this figure arrived at by the fact that the fuselage, without wings or hor. stabilizer or battery gear, weighs about 27 g and there was enough thrust to more or less hover it).

The motor itself is a flat can dd thing with no markings (but slips out of a plastic retainer piece easily). it measures approx. 3/4" long, 5/8" diameter, and 1/2" on the flat of the can.

Supplied batteries seem to be 2.4 v. nimh.

Fit and finish of kit seems very good. Price is nice.

Upper wingspan is 15 1/2". Lower is 14 3/8". Chord for both is 2 1/2".

I'll try to get some pictures this evening.
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