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Help w/ SS CoG determination

I've tried several times to find the sections of this massive thread that deal with determining CoG and have given up going back and finding it manually (even search doesn't seem to work - tried cg, CG etc. - nothing) so I am resorting to asking you all for help.

Can anyone provide a basic primer on determing CoG? With, without batteries? From where to where?

Thanks for humoring and my apologies for giving up on searching this thread, but I can't find it. I know Boomer posted several times on the subject but I'll be darned if I can find which thread 1-5 it was in and where!

Thanks in advance.

I've finally assembled my plane, been playing with my Tx and Sim and am getting ready for my first ever RC maiden flight this week or weekend and I'd like to go out with as many cards stacked in my favor as possible.

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