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Paul McIntosh
Paul McIntosh
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Re: First nitro plane; Cub or Telemaster?

Wow, what a lucky guy!

I agree that the price tag on the Telemaster may be a bit extreme. I would
look elsewhere such as Tower Hobbies. They have a warehouse close to you.
One plane to look at is the Goldberg Tiger II. If you have been flying
anything for a while you can handle this.

Start here:

Paul McIntosh
"Dan Cutter" <> wrote in message m...
> I am on the verge of buying my first gas-powered airplane and am torn
> between the above two from Hobby Lobby. They both have six foot
> wingspans and are ARFS. I really like the telemaster better, but can
> anybody tell me why such similer planes have very different prices?
> Telemaster a whopping $350 while the cub is $150. Hobby Lobby says
> the Tele is "european made". Is that worth the extra $$$$? I've been
> flying electric gliders and parkflyers for awhile, but the county put
> in an R/C airport a mile from my house. Fresh blacktop runway,
> carpeted tables galore with shade, windsocks, no money spared. Paid
> for by gambling at south Lake Tahoe! Thank You Nevada! I have to "put
> up" with the far-off sound of two and four stroke's ripping up the sky
> every calm morning. Can't beat 'em so I'll join 'em. Speaking of four
> stroke's, would anybody reccomend one to a first timer? I'd think
> they'd work great in a cub or telemaster. Dan Cutter