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Originally Posted by feathermerchant View Post
Jim - If both chassis are still grounded via the power cord, there is no need to separate them.

SuperFat - Since the negative side of the floated power supply is at 12V above ground, making any connection from it to ground will result in the power supply with the grounded negative output seeing a short circuit and shutting down. It may damage whatever caused the short before it shuts down.
Yes I know. The positive from the PS1 which is the 12V will be connected to the floating 12V Neg of the PS2 which will be the 24V source. The floating neg will be internal like some of the others I have see.

The finished panel will have only 12V +/- and 24V +/- binding posts so if others use it, the float neg will never accidentally ground. Also the binding posts for the 12V side will be 4mm, and the 24V side are 5mm to separate them.
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