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Can LiPo batteries take overdischarge for short time periods?

I recently converted a BOT to electric and was running a 7 cell Nicad pack. Rate of climb is very respectable, ( I would guess around 900 ft/min). The batteries weigh 15 oz and I had to add 2 oz to the tail to balance the plane. I ordered one of the new 11.1 volt 20C batteries from FMA Direct which only weighs 8 oz. That allows me to remove the weight from the tail and saves me a total of 9 oz of weight. It also gains me about 3 volts, (11.1 verses 8.4 volts).

Now for my problem;
The battery is rated for 42 amps continuous discharge. I am pulling 54 amps. Can LiPo batteries take the higher discharge for the 30 to 45 seconds it takes to get to altitude without damage?

I can use a smaller prop to get the amperage down. My climb rate will still be higher and my plane will still be lighter. I figure I can always add ballast if I need to.
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