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Originally Posted by macaseno View Post
hi everyone...
i bought the #11 key cam (in the #18 case) and i had a problem.
This is my experience:
- I turn on the camera and I record a 30 minute video... everything was ok! (the video is inside the memory card and the quality was good).
- I deleted the video and turned off the camera.
- I plugged the usb and let the key cam in charge for 1 hour until red light turn off.
- I turn on the camera and I start to record untill the battery run out (it took about 1 hour)
[and this is the only thing i need. I don't mind if video is splitted or entire. I don't mind if i see time stamps... i only need a camera that records and saves video until the battery run out ]
- I plug the camera to usb again and the red light goes on...
- I try to turn on the camera for see the result (yellow light) but nothing happens... The camera seems to charge but I can't turn it on (with or without an sd card, with or without usb plugged)...

My key cam is died?
what happens?

I'm pretty sure the model is the V2 (is the same of this

I would like to try to load a new firmware... (I didn't do yet) but in this case should I use this (

Hope you can help me my friends...
I have recently had the same problem, albeit with a very old #11 running the latest firmware. First the camera destroyed my card when the battery ran low and the camera turned off. The card is no longer recognized, even when using an external reader. Then, like you, I had problems turning on the camera. However, I managed about two or three times to get the camera running again by pressing the reset button, but now it is completely dead. Replacing the battery with a known good and fully charged battery didn't help.

I don't know if our two problems are related but I have a feeling there is a link between the battery running low and the latest firmware.

I suggest you disconnect/reconnect the battery and use a new card. If you think you can manage, try removing and re-inserting your lens. I couldn't do this since my lens is soldered to the board.

If everything fails, I would contact your seller for a replacement
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