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I'll consider the thought.

The plane I have that is most similar to the Knight, in geometric terms, is the scratchbuild foamy "Slowly" (photos attached, there are several videos of the plane in flight on the prototype's thread). She tries to fall off on the inboard wing in a tight turn. The turn radius is very tight and the airspeed over the inboard wing drops to essentially zero at such times, and the stalled wing falls. The substantial dihedral counteracts the tendency quickly but, I've added more expo (35%) than usual for me and I learned to use elevator in tight turns to keep the nose up. I thought of using a mix to make that automatic but, I want to have the tendency programmed into me, rather than the transmitter.

(Edit: Looking at the photos and pondering, I believe the high rudder in the Slowly might also produce a moment that counters the roll... I'll have to fly her and make some observations.)

I've also trimmed the Slowly to "FF glide" when power is off. The effective result was a plane that maintains level flight at about 30% throttle.

I have hopes the Knight will perform likewise. If having less dihedral than the Slowly proves problematic, I could easily slice the wing away from the hatch, having used gorilla glue for that purpose, and build a polyhedral wing. I also thought about:
-- adding a transparent membrane between the wing struts, to provide a righting force in a sideslip.
-- turning the elevators into elevons.
-- adding ailerons, in the spirit of the Lincoln-Beachey Monoplane.
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