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Originally Posted by Dr.M View Post
I went to the field and flew 3 packs on the newly updated CX-ZYX v4 on my CopterX 450 Black Angel.

Good news:
- for me, the cyclic feel is significantly improved. It is more responsive, more connected (less robotic). The gyro no longer feels like it resists inputs around center - I managed to fly some of the best piroflips I've ever done on the 450 to date. It feels like they added a feed forward gain (perhaps that's what the new advanced parameter is).
- slow piros are definitely more stable than 3.5. However, as beenflying was writing, piro comp seems to fade on fast piros after 4-5 full revs and significant cyclic inputs are required to regain a flat attitude.

Bad news:
- the pitch-up in FFF is still present. It's is a lot less abrupt and violent than 3.5, but still does it.
- Multiple barrel rolls in FFF still result in a pronounced nose-up tendency
- Looks like they made some changes to the gain algorithms, because I kept getting minor head wobble when the disk was unloaded, and subtle tail wag in FFF. Slight gain reductions may be required.

All in all, I really dig the new and improved cyclic feel. Next up, I'm going to upgrade the ZYX on my Protos, and that will be a real test of what v4 can do.

Collective is right about 11.5. I tried going higher, and the improvements were minimal. However, I like less pitch because it allows me to be more precise in 3D moves.
Interesting review. Thanks!
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