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Originally Posted by TechJunkieRC View Post
Sculptor: I am probably the last guy you should take advice from since I am so new to this hobby. What I can offer is agreement that walking out your door and flying is awesome. I am fortunate to be able to do this myself. I have run up against somewhat the same problem you have. When the wind comes out of the South or South West I basically land either cross wind or with the wind to my tail. I have trees behind me so a go around is not really possible. I must stick the landing. So far no crashes on landing this way.

I am sure what you are being told is the best advice from skilled individuals. I guess I am just too new and too brave (or as some may say stupid) to do it. The enjoyment for me is being able to get home from the office, throw on a pair of jeans and fly a pack or two before supper.

My advice is to go to your local airfield and try some landings as if are standing in your back yard. If you feel comfortable with the plane and the response needed to get it down, give it a shot for real. If not then you have your answer.

I fall into the group you will never know if you don't try. That is part of the fun.

On another note my wife came to me this evening and said: "by the time I get back to the living room I want confirmation you purchased that plane you have been talking about." As any good husband would do under this circumstance I checked and yes it was in fact my wife. This is what should be shipping out tomorrow: Icon A5 It will be my second plane and will be used with landing gear and on the water. I am pretty excited to give it a go!

"I fall into the group you will never know if you don't try" Amen brother, " life is either a grand adventure or it's nothing"
-Helen Keller
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