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looks like you have a perfect setup to start in with this stuff. i did pick up a stereo microscope last year but found a jewelers loupe glued to a pair of dollar tree glasses hard to beat for working with these tiny parts.

imo best place to start, whether c or asm, is the atmel datasheets. there are dozens of coding examples in both languages for every peripheral. next step up would be the atmel app notes. they used to be all in one place and easy to locate but last time i was in there looks like that might be a little trickier. or maybe im just not familiar with the new site. one of the last places id go to learn is freaks. some people love it but imo the best contributors have been driven off. its pretty much dominated by a few boobs who are grossly incopetent in hardware and assembly (ie c girls. lol!). unfortunately one is a moderator. its not obvious from his manner but hes one of the least competent in those areas. nasty habit of surreptitiously editing and deleting. if i ran a forum id do like rcg and discourage moderators from membership. i do post there but more for entertainment than anything constructive. you might be lucky and get help from the few real gurus hiding in the bush. but its rare these days.

as you might notice from midelics travails this is an excellent project to cut your avr teeth on. c++ was forced upon me in school but i dont see any application in the embedded world. nothing but bloat and obfuscaton. "oop" sums it up. plain old c yes, ++ no. whatever language you choose rolling up your sleeves and jumping in with even minimal debugging tools is all you need. good luck.
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